About US

  • Founded in 2022, Purvanchal Hospitality Service Pvt Ltd (P.H.S) set out itself
    to become a leading gospitality service provider.
  • Our expertise is in manpower sourcing,great house management,specialised cleaning,canteen management & residenrial cleaning.
  • Our focus is to provide excellent & efficient service to our partner to produce absolute best results.To ensure high quality service, we have trained team of expect leading from the front.
  • Our value will form thefoundation of our bonding with our clients and stakeholders.
  • At P.H.S we strive for exceptional & quality service through hard work and perseverance.

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To be a leader in the world of catering services and guest house management, by setting superior examples along the way by constantly learning from the experiences, upgrading quality standards, combined with the collective effort of our skilled employees.


“To serve our guests of Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Software institutes, Educational institutes & Service industries, reasonably priced catering & guest house services with a clean & friendly environment accompanied with good quality rooms & best quality food to meet & exceed our guest’s expectations.”



Rapid response time – Be it an enquiry or an order, our response is always rapid and precise. Value for customer’s time – In order to reduce any down time for the customers, we have always rendered timely attendance to their needs. Product optimization – Proper selection of raw materials is of prime importance to deliver quality products. Training – The value for services cannot be realized unless the employees attending to it are trained effectively. 24x7 availability – Emergency calls can come at any time, we take pride in the fact that our service personnel are available at all hours of the day to attend them.